Dear students
2018 - 2019 Year of Education - Education for all of you get better. I wish you a successful year.
Dear students
Knowing what you want, what you need is very important for your professional competence and your gains. Because universities can give you the professional knowledge and skills you need only to the extent that you want them. Unless you do your research with the questions you ask, unless you do research on the subject before you enter the class, unless you are critical of what you have read and heard, the universities cannot give you anything other than the diploma, which is the signature of the competent supervisor, unless you analyze whether the information presented to you is correct and sufficient.
Dear students
Whether you are a fictitious, accessible, reasonable and logical target when you are just a student. Your biggest dream should be that you need your profession and you must graduate as a highly qualified student. Do not anticipate the needs of the profession today, they will need to anticipate tomorrow, prepare for this direction, have strong equipment. Never underestimate the information you have; Believe in yourself and trust. What you need to do is to focus on learning without carrying diplomas and work concerns. Love your profession; Take steps towards becoming sought-after elements in your profession.
Dear Students The student should have qualified leisure time as well as qualified course working hours; it is just as important as leisure time. Because the free time left to yourself, the man is captive, unfair, you should not hand over to your hand. Dear Students You must be alert to the person, the technical and the methods who claim to lead you to the destination in short ways. There is no shortcut, and you can never reach your destination before your time. Get active roles, become a member of the community that you believe will develop or become interested. Be social. Never compromise on a positive attitude; always try to look at things from the good direction. Do not put yourself in the center of your life. Every time you think you're not loved, you break down, you hurt yourself. Love is more exalted than being loved.

College years are a great opportunity to get to know people and never miss this opportunity. But you have personal criteria for getting to know people. The more people you know, the more you can test the accuracy of your criteria. Forget those who break you, don't mind; Do not poison yourself with life. But remember, never and never break; listen to your voice and listen to your conscience.
Prof. Dr. Remzi GÖREN Rector




Last Update Date: 19 September 2018, Wednesday