1- At the beginning of each academic year, faculty, colleges and vocational colleges are contacted with the official letter and the students who have enrolled in schools in the new school year are contacted and information is updated.


2- We request that the updated information of the students, the detailed information about the disability and the wishes and expectations of our University, the lent Disabled Students Information Form um that we have prepared, and to fill and approve them personally.


3- olarak Disabled Student Information Form ır in the 2nd article is delivered to the disabled students by the staff of our unit (including the District, the Town, the Village) and the wishes and expectations of our students are taken directly and in writing both directly and in writing. .


4- In January each year, the Department of Personnel Department is contacted with an official letter and in the new year, the contact information about our Academic and Administrative Disabled Personnel who have resigned or resigned from our university is taken and information update is made.


5- T.C Kutahya Dumlupinar University Disabled Students Unit has created a website for students with disabilities under the menu of our university's web page (Unobstructed Dumlupınar University). (Update work in progress)

6- T: C Kütahya Dumlupınar University Disabled Students Unit has been created an e-mail address in order to provide students with disabilities with the opportunity of expressing their problems in the schools, their families and their environment and their social life.

7- T: C Kütahya Dumlupınar University Students with Disabilities as a result of the work of the students, according to the wishes of our students with disabilities; Students will be given regular food scholarships each year


8- T: C Kütahya Dumlupınar University According to the research conducted by the Disabled Students Unit, a disabled individual has been issued by the Office of the Disabled Persons of the Prime Ministry, if he has an ID card he can benefit from all the rights and services provided below.


A disabled citizen, Benefits of Disabled ID Card;   Free to travel by State Railways, 40% discount when traveling with Turkish Airlines, Telsim-Free fee from the facility fee, speech and message fees, discounted, Free or discounted from public transport services by local authorities. Decisions taken by local governments and discounted water prices, Free to National Parks, State Theaters are free to use.   Work on the ID card is still in progress and all rights to be given to people with disabilities will be used with the same ID card.   What to do to get a Disability ID Card   Health Board Report, (Kütahya State Hospital, Kütahya Evliya Çelebi State Hospital, Military Hospital Report must be taken from one of these hospitals) Disability Identification Information Form, (Disabled Identity Information Form will be filled from Provincial Social Services Directorate.) Photocopy of Certified Publication Card, 2 Pictures (Provincial Directorate of Social Services will send these documents to the Presidency of the Directorate of Disability Management.   The forms and attachments that reach to the Presidency of Handicapped Administration from the Social Services Directorate will be examined and evaluated in computer environment. The card with the last form will be sent by mail to the address of the disabled citizen.


9- Access to school buildings, Classrooms, upper floors of buildings, Toilets, Dining Halls, Canteens, Hospital and Library Buildings; It is being investigated that there are lifts and road improvement works, stair ramps, special lifts and toilets for disabled people. These improvement works will be provided in the school or other service buildings not found.   10- In case of need of psychological treatment, students with disabilities can get help from the Psychologist in our University Evliya Çelebi Research and Application Hospital or from Psychiatrists in the State Hospitals in their places.   11- The Distribution of Disabilities According to the Disability Groups and the Physical Facilities in the Schools for Disabled Students in the 2017-2018 Education Year are listed in the table below.

5- T.C Kutahya Dumlupinar University Disabled Students Unit has created a website for students with disabilities under the menu of our university's web page (Unobstructed Dumlupınar University). (Update work in progress)

Last Update Date: 25 September 2018, Tuesday