Our mission;

T.C Kutahya Dumlupinar University, Disabled Students Unit; In accordance with the article 8 of the Regulation on the Consultation and Coordination of Higher Education Institutions for the Disabled on June 27, 2006, under the responsibility of the Vice Rector of the Health Culture and Sports Department and 2013 The Official Gazette published in the year 2008 was re-structured with the written instructions of the Council of Higher Education and Rectorate No. 165.


T.C Kutahya Dumlupınar University Aim of Disabled Students Unit; The aim of this course is to identify the difficulties that students with disabilities, who are enrolled in our university, who have registered for the new school year or who will come to our university in the coming years, may face difficulties in their learning life, city-campus transportation and dormitory life due to their obstacles*


Creating a University that is truly unrestricted and able to involve everyone, including people with disabilities, requires participation by every individual in the environment. In line with this goal, our Unit provides technical assistance and provides information about disability. DPU Barrier-Free Unit pioneers to raise awareness on disability.


T.C Kutahya Dumlupinar University, as a Unit without Barriers; Prepare a common environment of cooperation and tolerance among students with disabilities and students with disabilities. To give social and cultural support to disabled students. To meet the needs of disabled students on campus. To provide a healthy development of the skills and personalities of disabled students. Ensuring the accessibility of disabled students on campus



Our vision;

T.C Kutahya Dumlupınar University Target of Disabled Students Unit; The aim of this course is to support our disabled students who are continuing their education in Dumlupınar University. Many questions in their minds about their future to find the answer and to make them look more confident tomorrow. Our main objectives are to ensure that they are aware of and take advantage of the laws and regulations concerning them in force.


T.C Kutahya Dumlupinar University Disabled Students Unit's Scope of Service; Our unit will not only try to help students with disabilities but also staff and staff in the same direction. If a visible or invisible health problem obstructs the academic or social life of Dumlupınar University, the student is a görün Disabled.

Obstacle groups that we may encounter;
1 - Visually Impaired
2 - Physical Disability (orthepedic)
3 - Attention Deficit and Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD)
4 - Hearing Impaired
5 - Pisikiyatr \ Pisikolojil Disorder
6 - Other Obstacle Groups (chronic disease)




It is the decision of the student to declare his / her disability to T.C Kutahya Dumlupinar University Disabled Students Unit. Students with disabilities will be able to provide support only to the students who can be identified. Our unit will still try to identify our disabled students and will try to eliminate the obstacles that will come before them in their academic and social life.

Last Update Date: 24 September 2018, Monday